For Grand Prix 2 by Microprose

GP2 Track DAT File Size Limit Extender -   Author  : Philip Woodward
Extends the maximum track file size of 62.000KB to 65.535KB

The file size of some tracks is slightly bigger than what GP2 normally allows.
 You need to run Woody's utility (in which is included in the track zip's) to increase the track limit size.

How do I get gp2limit to work in the game  ?

- 1)     Check in the properties of GP2.EXE that the file is not read only.
- 2)     Extract the Gp2limit.exe file to any directory
- 3) Run Gp2limit.exe

- 4) Enter the full path of  GP2.EXE
 in your GP2 directory. 

Example :  I:\GP2\GP2.EXE

( Help: Keyboard/Tastatur )

- 5) press ENTER


-x- If you see this error message (Vista)
-right-click on the GP2LIMIT.EXE and select 
"Run as administrator".

-R) Running the patch again gives the option to remove it;

R = remove, other keys = keep.